The DRN: A New Economic Network.

The Digital Reserve Network (DRN) is a secure, scalable and decentralized BlockDAG governed by a responsive monetary overseer: the Denarii Protocol. Transparent and resistant to quantum computing attacks, the DRN is focused on supporting a future-oriented high velocity economy.

Mint Your Future.

The Denarii Protocol redefines cryptoeconomics by introducing Minting - a groundbreaking cost-based Proof-of-Stake implementation that promotes economic activity while mitigating the pervasive "nothing at stake" vulnerability. Minting gives users the opportunity to earn Denarii tokens, the currency of the DRN, in exchange for helping to secure the network while leaving behind the unsustainable electricity costs of other systems.

Forward-thinking Finance.

The DRN aims to make scalable and sustainable microfinancing available to all with its identity-secured lending protocols. The Denarii Protocol leverages pooled Minting transaction fees to activate new capital, allowing money to flow in an open and inclusive manner while earning interest for the Minters securing the network.

The Team

(Still Onboarding)

Person 1

Jomari Peterson


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Emmanuel Johnson

Emmanuel Johnson

Blockchain Developer - Automation & Consensus

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Person 3

Troy Wiipongwii

Blockchain Developer - Machine Learning & Economics

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Person 4

Amina Emenena

Blockchain Developer - System Design and Implementation

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(Still Onboarding)

Person 1

Joshua Rittenberg

Kramer Levin Naftalis and Frankel LLP


Founder/Legal Advisor

Person 2

Kevin Scanlan

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Legal Advisor

Blog Posts

The Digital Reserve: Insights

Pay Day Loans

A Solution to Predatory Lending

Cryptocurrencies and the underlying incentive based economic systems have the potential to provide underserved markets with financial services and combat predatory lending practices. With rates as high as 400% per year, a the Digital Reserve is creating scalable solutions

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Why a Public Benefit Corporation?

It is a transparent organizational structure designed to create value for all and empower communities. The Digital Reserve is designed to help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals within an innovative cryptocurrency framework

The Vision

The Digital Reserve is creating an economic system that emphasizes utility, growth and productivity. Scarcity is a tool to create value, but microlending as, impact investment, creates incentive to extract additional value from existing resources. This is the underlying philosophy for the Digital Reserve. Provide access to capital at a cost, a path to building credit worthiness and additional real value will be created through the pursuit of greater returns and transactions that are not purely speculative.